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Project at Rapidsugar

Service is what makes the difference. To increase the servicelevel of NS Hispeed, Rapidsugar developed a program wich would help the customer with his trip. From the moment he books his trip on the site of NS Hispeed, he will receive relevant information about his trip and destination. All full automatic.
As Art Director and designer I was responsible for the design of the emails, landingpages and forms. We made this program for the eight most populair destinations of NS Hispeed: Paris, Brussels, Antwerpen, Keulen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nice and London.

Information flow

First email, invitation

With this e-mail the customer is invited to go to answer some questions.


Second email, cross and up sell

Three days after you have booked your tickets, you will get an second email with special offers for your stay at the destination.

Third email, information about the destination and the trip 

Three days before you are going to leave, you receive a email with useful information about your train and destination.

Fourth email, Have a nice trip!

The day before you leave you get a email with a coupon to get a free coffee.

Fifth email, Welcome home

When your back from you trip NS Hispeed would like to have some feedback and invited you to fill out a form.

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