Lang zullen ze leren!

ING bank

Project at Rapidsugar

Together with Unicef, ING supports school projects in developing countries to give children the start they need. They came up with the idea to send emails to their clients when it was their birthday. In this email, they congratulate the client. Instead, to give the client a gift, ING asked to give a present to a child in need, on the behalf of the client.

We created the communication concept, animation, and email campaign. The slogan “Lang zullen ze leren” (longs shall they learn), is a reference to the Dutch birthday song “Long shall they live”. The client who receives the message will first think it’s a birthday song but then will realize its a chance to do something good another human being.

As Art Director and designer I was responsible for the production of the animation and design of the landing page.

Animation in slides

Landings pagina


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